1. About this site

This site has been created with the main goal to promote assembly programming.

It clearly demonstrates that the assembly written programs have huge advantages compared with any other programming language.

Also, this site will provide documentation and articles related to assembly language programming.

On this site, you can browse some of my projects, download the source code, read some articles and understand how powerful language is assembler.

The most of my projects are application programs, not system programs. Also, recently, the most of them are portable applications, running natively in Windows and Linux operating systems.

Actually the engine of this site is also created in assembly language - the CMS MiniMagAsm. It is open source, so you can use it for your projects as well.

Another of my projects is Fresh IDE.

Fresh IDE is IDE for assembly programming. All of my projects are written using Fresh IDE. It is really useful, especially for big assembly projects or programs that need to be portable.

2. About me

My name is John Found.

I have other interests besides programming. They all are connected to the technology - electronics, mechanics, physics. I am also big fan of the "do it yourself" movement.

I am working on a big production factory where I design the electronics and programs of various industrial machinery. My work is very interesting and you can be jealous, because my hobby is my profession. :P

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I'm very impressed! Драсни, просто за да осъществим контакт.